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Fiberglass replica fish mounts are lifelike replicas of fish that are cast in a mold using fiberglass materials. These mounts are crafted by expert artisans who take great care to capture every detail of the fish, from the scales to the eyes. Fiberglass is a durable and lightweight material that makes these mounts easy to install and display in any location.

Simply submit a free quote request through our site and include any specifications along with any pictures you may have of the fish. We will then get back to you shortly with a cost estimate and lead time.

A wide variety of fish can be replicated using fiberglass mounts, from popular game fish like bass and trout to exotic species like marlin and swordfish. Our team of skilled artisans has the expertise to create accurate and lifelike replicas of nearly any fish species.

Fiberglass replicas are entirely artificial, molded, and painted, unlike traditional taxidermy, which uses real fish parts. Replicas are more durable, less prone to decay, and look as good if not much better than real fish taxidermy.

Yes, fiberglass replica fish mounts are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Made from high-quality fiberglass materials, these mounts are resistant to weathering, fading, and other types of damage. With proper care and maintenance, your fiberglass replica fish mount can literally last a lifetime.

Each fish mount comes installed with a sturdy custom hanger. In the finishing process, each mount is balanced and sized to determine the proper hanger and positioning.

Call us at 772-283-7270 and we’ll make sure you receive the best customer service and mounted fish in the USA.

Yes, we offer custom fiberglass replica fish mounts for customers who want to replicate a specific fish that is not already available. Our skilled artisans will work with you to create a custom mount that meets your exact specifications.

One of the most important aspects of maintaining your fiberglass fish mount is dusting it regularly. For cleaning, gently wipe with a soft, damp cloth and, if necessary, a spot of mild soap. To prevent serious damage and fading, avoid harsh chemicals and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight .

All mounts are not created equal and many of our mounts are custom creations. We urge you to take advantage of one of our many ‘free quote‘ forms throughout the site. There you can attach images, give details, and ask any questions you may have regarding our fish mounts.

Yes! We can customize your fish to match your photos. Email them to us at or send them to us through our request a quote page.

We can ship worldwide. Without exception.

All of our fish are 100% handmade in Stuart, Fl. USA! Stop by our studio for a nickel tour.

The time it takes to create a fiberglass replica fish mount can vary depending on the size and complexity of the fish being replicated. Current demand is also a big factor, there are only so many people who actually possess the talent needed to hand-craft a world class fish. We are currently around 10 months out on fish ordered today, but we encourage you to call us if you need your fish for a specific date and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Absolutely! We take great pride in creating incredible fiberglass replicas of the actual fish. Anglers from around the globe have hired us to create fish mounts from pictures for more than 4 decades now.

Fiberglass is the main component of our mounts with custom hand painted glass eyes along with hand-crafted mouths and gills.

A photograph and any measurements you take will help. Length, girth and weight are very helpful in order for us to get as close as possible to your fish. If all else fails, pictures will help us to identify the species and size of your catch.

Yes! We can create your mount to hang from the ceiling or jump from a pedestal on a water splash. There are many different ways to display a fish. Call our office to discuss the many custom options.

We do not offer these services. Feel free to call our office for a referral to a qualified studio.

You can upgrade your mount to hang outdoors with a special urethane top coat for an additional charge. This will protect your fish from the elements.

They sure do, but we don’t. We believe in catch, release, and mount… unless they’re dinner that is. That, and our fiberglass replicas look better and last longer.

We craft a fish mount to last a lifetime, especially it it’s mounted indoors in a climate controlled environment and lightly dusted on occasion. For an additional charge, however, we do offer a special urethane top coast to protect our mounts from the elements.

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