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Mount for the Memory

Fish Mounts

by New Wave Taxidermy

Until recently, “fish taxidermy” was the method of turning a captured dead fish into a preserved wall mount. The fish was skinned, mounted, dried and painted. That was the process.

Without the proper climate, this dated process often resulted in the deterioration of the mount. Still being marketed as “fish taxidermy,” our fish mounts are spectacular fiberglass replicas and reproductions that are much more realistic in appearance.

By using your photos of the fish along with our own reference photos of the species we will create a replica of your fish according to the special coloring, markings, measurements and/or weight you request. The finished mount looks extremely real and alive versus dead and mounted. It’s a new look at an old art.

Today’s technology and advanced products, combined with 40 years of experience, allow us to show an enormous amount of detail and create incredibly superior fish mounts.

Our mounts have realistic eyes, amazing scale detail and natural poses. The brilliant coloration is achieved by coloring techniques and airbrushing intricate details that give each fish its unique character.

Offshore Fish Mounts

Fish Mounts

Offshore species ranging from sailfish, dolphin, wahoo, and marlin to exotic species like the giant bluefin tuna.

Saltwater Fish Taxidermy

Reef Fish Mounts

Reef fish species ranging from snapper, grouper, and amberjack to exotic species like cobia and mackerel.

Fish Taxidermy

Inshore Fish Mounts

Inshore fish species ranging from snook, speckled trout, redfish, and tarpon to exotic species like permit and bonefish.

Freshwater Fish Mounts

Freshwater Fish Mounts

Freshwater fish species ranging from largemouth bass, northern pike, and trout to more exotic species like tigerfish and payara.

Dear Anglers,

After forty years of building molds of thousands of freshwater and saltwater species, our method allows the conservation-minded angler to measure, photograph and release their trophy catch and still have it reproduced. This technique has earned our family of artists several awards at State, National and World Championship competitions.

Our family builds each fish by hand with you in mind as our most important client. All work is done in the USA and in the great state of Florida. Every fish is signed and numbered, with a certificate of authenticity that will accompany it in its delivery to assure that you receive an original work and not a cookie cutter version made overseas like some companies do these days. Your trophy took years for you to catch and certainly, you deserve to have the absolute best!! The question is, do you feel as we do?

We also take great pride in partnering with you in the preservation of our resource. We promise to make every effort to produce a mount that will bring back the memory of the thrill of your catch! It will be a work of art that you will be proud of for a lifetime. We promise!

As always we are happy to answer any and all questions you might have.

Remember… Catch for the thrill, release for the future, mount for the memory.

Mike & Deb Kirkhart

Fish Mounts

Made In The USA

All fish handcrafted in Stuart, Florida

Watch This Video

Perhaps you’re on the fence. You’re just looking, doing research. We want to help you with that process and we want you to feel confident in your decision.

In the following video world champion fish artist Mike Kirkhart gives you a unique behind the scenes tour of New Wave Taxidermy. It’s certainly worth a few minutes of your time, especially if you’re looking to have a mount made.


Fish Mounts You Will
Cherish For A Lifetime

So this time the big one didn’t get away and you’ve caught the fish of a lifetime. You’re thinking of getting the fish mounted but the thought of fish taxidermy and all that it entails isn’t so appealing. Perhaps an incredibly lifelike fiberglass replica of your trophy is what you need.

With pictures, measurements, and a brief conversation you are well on your way to having an amazing replica mount… no fish taxidermy required.

New Wave Taxidermy creates incredibly unique and custom replica fish mounts that are built to last.

We may be labeled fish taxidermy but we feel what we do is more of an art form. Give us the opportunity and we will create a fish that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Fish Taxidermy,
or Something More?

Our work can be found in the Miami airport and the Riverwalk in San Antonio under the bridge. You may even occasionally bump into it in various local markets in the area and even around the world. We take great pride in all of our work and we love to see it displayed publicly.

How about a piece of driftwood or a section of a coral reef We enjoy creating special environments for our fish and are certainly willing to discuss anything you may have in mind.

New Wave Taxidermy creates custom replica mounts of your fish to your photos and specifications.

For more than 40 years we have been building a reputation for quality and for craftsmanship. We love the work and we feel that makes all the difference.


“Hands down the best fish taxidermist in the country. Their attention to detail goes way beyond what you will find anywhere else. “

Stephen F
5 Star Reviews

I highly recommend New Wave Taxidermy for all fish trophies. I have several that were made by Mike and his crew and they are top notch! Can’t get a better mount by anyone!”

Charlie L
5 Star Reviews

“Sailfish looks amazing. Best taxidermy I have ever seen. Will never use anyone else.”

Paul W
5 Star Reviews

“They construct the most realistic mounts you will ever see. I have 3 so far from New Wave Taxidermy and people can’t believe how real the fish looks up on my wall.”

Ej P
5 Star Reviews

“Amazing detail and quality. Both of our mounts exceeded our expectations and were delivered when promised. Highly recommend them for your next trophy.”

Michael P
5 Star Reviews

Did you know?

Mike writes articles for Breakthrough Magazine.

The quality of our work is what separates us from our competition. The details are what breathe life into each and every fish we create.

Michael Kirkhart
Fish Taxidermist / Fish Artist
Founder & Owner
New Wave Taxidermy

Mike Kirkhart Alligator Gar Mount
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