Our quality is what seperates from the competition. The details are what bring life to each and every mount we create. From gill rakes to spectacular eye details we ensure that our reproductions leave our studio looking just as spectacular as the day it was captured and released. We capture that spectacular look everytime. Afterall that is what it is all about.

Please take a look below and review some of the details you can expect to see from New Wave reproductions. These details are what our fish artistry business was founded on. We have set the standard and we look forward to creating a lifetime lasting piece of art for you!

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The Eyes


The life of the fish is in the eyes. Our eyes have proper pupils and the life like colors that really make the mount look alive. We put eyes on both sides of the fish with the detailed scleral bands around the eye. The position of the eyes is considered in each fish to help determine the fish’s character or attitude.

Interior Mouth

Mouth-PicWe finish our fish mounts with incredible detail. The mouth interior detail is another important feature of our mounts. You can see details of the gum lines, teeth, gill rakers and tongue, all with paint work back to the esophagus. This feature sets us apart from others who fill in the space and eliminate the detail.

Flared Gills & Rakers

Gills-PicWhen the mount has open gills, we want them to be anatomically correct and to look natural. We have various techniques and products that do exactly that. The gills will be set to enhance the mount. Some of our mounts have closed gills due to their species or pose.

Scale Details

Scales-Pic1We mold our fish with a method that gives us maximum scale detail. In the past, skin mounts were covered with products to hold it together. This covered the skin, eliminating the detail. Fiberglass reproductions allow us to capture all of the detail so the fish mounts looks real and are the highest quality possible. You will see incredible scale detail in every New Wave mount.

Hand Painting

Hand-PaintedAirbrushing and hand painting layers and layers of color, make New Wave mounts absolutely beautiful. This is a visual art and the color work must be natural and real in appearance. After thirty years of technique developments, Michael captures the beauty of the fish like no one else. Every piece is signed and dated by the artist after the paint work has been meticulously completed.

Clear Fins

ClearFins-PicThe craftsmanship that makes the fins look natural and flowing is an important feature of the finished fish. Thin, natural positions, fine edge detail and clear or opaque (depending on the species) sets New Wave fish apart from all others.

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