Dear Anglers, Until recently, taxidermy was the art of turning a captured dead fish into a memorable wall mount. The process involved skinning the fish, mounting, drying and painting it. Without the proper climate, this dated process can result in the deterioration of the mount. Still being marketed as “taxidermy,” New Wave mounts are fiberglass reproductions that are durable and more realistic in appearance. Today’s technology and advanced products allow us to show infinite detail and create a superior mount.

By using reference photos of the live fish, we recreate your catch according to the measurements and/or weight you request. The finished piece looks real and alive versus dead and mounted. It is a new look at an old art. New Wave mounts have realistic eyes, amazing scale detail and natural poses. The brilliant coloration is achieved by airbrushing intricate details that give each fish its unique character.

After thirty years of building molds on most freshwater and saltwater species, our method allows the conservation-minded angler to measure and release their trophy catch and still have it reproduced. This technique has earned New Wave Artists several awards at State, National and World Championship competitions.

We at New Wave Taxidermy take pride in educating our clients in the preservation of our resource. We make every effort to produce the mount that will bring to memory the thrill of your catch. It will be something you can be proud of for a lifetime. As always we are happy to answer any questions you might have. Remember, Catch for the Thrill, Release for the Future, Mount for the Memory.


Mike & Deb Kirkhart

Michael Kirkhart

Fish Artisan / Owner

Michael Kirkhart is a State, National and World Champion fish reproduction artist. Michael began to develop his life long fascination and skills as a taxidermist at the age of eight years old. With tremendous support from his family and friends then and now, he appreciates the accolades now as the blessings and gifts they are to his career.

Some of his career successes to his efforts are: working with the late Ian Pike and Steve Mathews of Australia on giant Marlin and The Great Barrier Reef Tropical fish; Building a 30,000 square foot museum for Governor Tom Bolack in Farmington, New Mexico; Working with New York contemporary artist Donald Lipski on the Miami International Airport display in concourse D; Sculpting and producing the Turtles on Parade for Stuart’s Arts Council benefit program; Sculpting oversized species and world records for private collectors and individuals worldwide; Most recently working with the Creative Imagery Department producing fish for the Bass Pro Shops store displays. Michael has served on the Board of Directors in the National Taxidermy Association, as well as the Vice President and President. Michael is an active judge for the NTA. Michael was awarded the Pioneer Award for his dedication and devotion to the industry. The list of projects and accomplishments could go on and on, but credit goes to the blessings of God the creator for the gift of talent and family that drives, motivates and supports these accolades. This family has successfully worked together to create fish art that turns heads, wins awards and establishes them as the industry’s leader.

Deb Kirkhart

Marketing / Owner

Deb is the heart and soul of New Wave Taxidermy. Advertising and marketing are her specialties and passion. She is responsible for all of the media that New Wave Taxidermy produces. She has been instrumental in the creation of our web site and catalogs. Deb was the creative edge behind the Bolack Museum. She created kelp, textures, corals and scenery just to name a few. Deb was also in charge of the design concepts working with Donald Lipski in the Miami International Airport project. From a creative standpoint to a managerial role, she is always there to ensure that things go smoothly. She has even found time to take home an award from the National Taxidermy Association Show in the artistic design category. She is very appreciated for her interior design abilities.

Buddy Kirkhart

Fish Artist

25 years ago, you would have seen a 5-year-old Buddy Kirkhart running around the shop and studying his fathers work. From an early age, he has shown great interest in the taxidermy business and now is an integral part of the day to day production of New Wave Taxidermy. When you look over the mount you receive it will have Buddy’s trademark style of details all over it. From mouth interior to the eye rotation, fin position and details like setting each tooth in a 1000lb Mako Shark just right. He is meticulous. Buddy won the Children’s Horizon Award with a shark head mount at the age of twelve at the State and National Taxidermy Association Show. More recently, he has won the Best of Category Fish Reproduction Award at the Florida State Taxidermy Association Show two years in a row.

Jen Asaro

Office Manager / Sales

When you call New Wave it’s Jen’s kind voice that you will hear. She knows all of the molds and all of the details to get your fish taken care of from the day you order to arrival at your door. Emails that provide information and photos keep her busy everyday. Jen communicates with you every answer to every question you have to make doing business with New Wave Taxidermy a smooth and enjoyable experience. If the phone rings and the message service picks up, you can bet she is out in the shop making mouths, lily pads, gills, organizing shipping or cracking the whip to keep the schedule straight. Don’t try to talk her into working for you, she’s family and we couldn’t do it without her.


We couldn’t do all this great work without the help of every new wave team member!